Automatic Wallpaper Changer Apps For Android in 2022

Automatic wallpaper changing apps is something most of the Android users want. The wallpaper on your Android device is a little appreciated yet crucial feature. It is the first thing you engage with after picking up the phone. Some people are picky about wallpapers, while others are unconcerned and do not change their wallpaper for months or years for various reasons.

Just like themes in Windows, We all change our phone wallpapers on a regular basis. But, most of the time, picking the correct one for our mood is a challenge. Why use the same wallpaper on your Android home screen all day if you have the option of changing it automatically every second, minute, or hour?

However, most of the time it’s difficult to choose the perfect one for our mood. Even thinking about wallpaper apps limits our options when it comes to choosing a pleasant background for our phones. Several Android wallpaper apps are currently available for Android. These wallpaper apps allow you to download home/lock screen wallpapers.

Automatic Wallpaper Changer Apps in Android

Isn’t it great if you could configure your wallpaper to change automatically? You won’t have to manually download and change the wallpaper every other day this way. These android applications with automatic wallpaper changers contain a lot of cool features. Check out some of the finest automatic wallpaper changing applications for Android to auto-refresh your device’s home screen:

1. Auto Change Wallpaper

In comparison to other apps, this auto wallpaper switching software for Android has the unique benefit of not draining your power. For a short period, the existing image will remain on your home screen, and the app will renew it minute by minute.

You can keep a big number of wallpapers and set their moving durations in the automated wallpaper changing software. It preserves your battery and gives you new beautiful wallpapers every day.


Tapet is a one-of-a-kind wallpaper changing app for Android that allows you to personalise your device’s home screen. Unlike other wallpaper apps, Tapet creates high-quality backgrounds based on the screen resolution of your device.

The intriguing part is that all wallpapers are generated with randomized styles and designs, implying that no images are transferred from the internet and that everything is generated in real-time on your device.

3. 4K Wallpapers – Auto Wallpaper Changer

This Android automated wallpaper switching app works on both mobile phones and tablets. You can customise the time interruptions for new style wallpapers and add amazing effects to them.

It allows you to choose from a choice of lock and unlock screen wallpapers. If you double press on the home screen, a new wallpaper will emerge instantly.

5. Wallpaper Changer for Reddit

Wallpaper Changer for Reddit is a little different from the rest of the wallpaper changing apps for Android, with its own set of features and benefits that can come in handy.

You can use any mix of subreddits as picture sources for your home and lock screen wallpapers with Wallpaper Changer for Reddit. The programme will change your backgrounds automatically by selecting images from as many subreddits as you want and as frequently as you want – every day, hourly, or minute.

All you have to do now is customise the app to meet your specific requirements and watch the magic happen.

6. Changer – Wallpaper Manager

Changer allows you to have a dynamic wallpaper on your Android device without sacrificing battery life or performance. You can choose the images and photos that will be used as wallpaper based on your preferences.

Changer, in reality, changes wallpaper based on the current weather, location, time, or Wi-Fi, as well as with random or sequential photos, all according to the user’s preferences.

It gives you your own selection of personalised wallpapers unlike any other, allowing you to choose your favourite wallpaper, which varies from time to time to suit your demands.