What is a Twitter Tracker? Why you need it?

For businesses and marketers, the number of followers is no longer the most essential measure to track. Increasing numbers of bogus followers pushed marketers to replace it with commitment as the most essential social media indicator. Although it is not a vanity statistic, it nevertheless has considerable value.

A high follower count shows that people enjoy your postings and are eager to share them with other individuals. In certain ways. It helps attract more people to your Twitter profile and helps enhance your brand’s industry expertise. Not all followers are there to interact with your company or provide content. Increasing numbers of false followers are a big problem for companies, marketers, influencers, and Twitter itself. To get a high number of followers, people often choose spam growth tools like Owlead. But it doesn’t help them anyway.

In this article, we’ll let you know what exactly the Twitter follower tracker is? and why do you need it?

What’s a Twitter tracker?

If you use Twitter to market your products or services and have clients engaged in your brand, maintain track of the key performance indicators of your followers. A Twitter follower tracker tool may let you easily track and evaluate your followers’ performance data in real-time.

Twitter followers are an important element of Twitter marketing. This can assist extract numerous information that can enhance your Twitter marketing approach. These insights can also help you understand your audience better and assess the impact of implemented marketing initiatives.

Follower Tracker: How to track Twitter followers?

Previously, the native Twitter analytics audience area could readily observe the track and evaluate your Twitter following growth numbers. Unfortunately, Twitter no longer offers the following stats. Analyzing your followers manually is a feasible alternative for those with several thousand followers. It is impossible to manually analyze hundreds if not millions of followers of large companies and influencers.

Instead of using a third-party Twitter analytics service. FollowerAudit is an outstanding Twitter follower tracker that can assist track, monitor and evaluating any public Twitter account’s following development. It’s also a useful technique when spotting fraudulent, dormant Twitter accounts. These accounts never connect and engage with your business or increase conversion rates.

Fake accounts merely inflate your follower count, and if left unchecked, these accounts may decrease your following base’s authenticity and trustworthiness. Ultimately, you’ll also notice a big reduction in the interaction rate. Use a Twitter follower tracker to track, monitor, evaluate and audit your followers at regular intervals in order to develop an engaging, loyal, and authentic following base.

Some FollowerAudit features,

  • Track rivals and influencers
  • Analyze Twitter followers
  • Fake follower audit
  • Track who unfollowed you on Twitter
  • Compare Twitter fans of multiple accounts
  • FollowerAudit may watch your Twitter follower development in real-time and offer quick notification of each follower’s gain or loss.

Benefits of utilizing a Twitter tracker

Now, knowing what a Twitter follower tracker is, let’s go a bit deeper and explore the benefits of utilizing a Twitter follower tracker. Let’s plunge.

Centralized analysis Analyzing thousands, if not millions, is too laborious and time-consuming. Also, any small error might significantly affect the outcome, making all work useless. Instead, utilize a Twitter analytics tool to automate the process.

FollowerAudit is an established and verified application that delivers accurate analytical updates and data. It also has numerous more features to extract more insights. You needn’t spend numerous times studying the same data to get distinct insights. Let FollowerAudit do it.

  • Measure the impact of methods used

Real-time Twitter monitoring can assist assess the impact of measures employed. Use a Twitter follower tracker to watch the growth of Twitter’s Twitter profile in real-time. By evaluating the following growth indicators, you can assess the success and impact of your strategy.

By examining your follower stats, you can also identify ineffective methods or marketing approaches. This can help you execute successfully, establish marketing techniques, and expand your business.

  • Identifies trends

With a Twitter follower tracker, monitoring your follower growth may assist identify and spot abrupt or developing trends in your Twitter follower development. You can notice any extreme changes in your Twitter follower growth, such as abrupt rise or decline. This might also help you identify the explanation for these sudden, dramatic shifts. Depending on-trend outcome, you may opt to employ or avoid comparable methods to build your brand.

  • Analyze competitors

Tracking and evaluating your competitors’ social media movements has become a critical component of successful social media marketing campaigns. The Twitter follower tracker from FollowerAudit may assist you in tracking, monitoring, analyzing, and extracting information from your competitor’s Twitter profile.

It is a fantastic concept for a new business or brand to imitate or follow in the footsteps of an established brand in the sector when starting out. However, even the most successful companies have made their fair share of blunders along the way, and you certainly don’t want to make the same mistakes. By examining the number of Twitter followers and the growth of Twitter followers over time, you can find successful tactics for increasing brand recognition and exposure on social media. You may also avoid making the same mistakes as your rivals by following these guidelines.

  • Benchmarking in a competitive environment

Another significant reason to make use of a Twitter follower tracker is to compare yourself to your competitors. You must examine your performance indicators and compare them to the benchmark criteria that you have established. However, as a young company, it is difficult to establish benchmark criteria since there are so many variables to consider.

Alternatively, you may opt to track the Twitter followers of your competitors’ competitors. It can assist you in establishing reasonable benchmark standards for evaluating your social media performance.

  • Influencers should be identified and analyzed.

Influencer marketing is expected to be the most sought-after paid marketing channel in 2021, and there are no indicators that this will alter anytime in the foreseeable future. The Twitter follower tracker provided by FollowerAudit can assist you in identifying social media influencers who are interested in your brand. You may also use it to discover influencers who are engaged with your rivals’ products or services.

After you’ve compiled a list of potential candidates, you can further investigate their authenticity and trustworthiness by looking at their Twitter following base and other social media metrics. This will assist you in selecting the most appropriate influencer to serve as your brand’s spokesperson.

  • Performance reporting that is more accurate

Social media managers frequently want analytical reports that are both descriptive and comprehensive. However, putting together such detailed reports might take a long time. Instead, you may make use of a Twitter analytics tool. You can get all of the information and insights from FollowerAudit through an easy-to-navigate analytical dashboard. You may even opt to extract those insights and provide them as a printable PDF report for others to read.

  • How do you know when it’s time to invest in a specialized Twitter follower tracking tool?

As I previously stated, all of the statistical insights gained from FollowerAudit can also be obtained manually, as can be seen in the screenshot below. However, the amount of time required to evaluate the data might vary based on the amount of data that has to be analyzed. There are a variety of reasons why firms or organizations may want to use an analytics tool rather than a database. Some of these considerations are as follows:

One of the most important benefits of utilizing a Twitter follower tracker or analytics tool is the ability to generate reports. You can quickly extract all of the detailed analytical findings and compile them into a PDF report that is straightforward to distribute. Because of this, social media managers and their teams do not have to devote a lot of effort to creating analytical reports.

As your number of followers increases, it gets increasingly difficult to manually examine them. Businesses and organizations may overcome this significant obstacle by utilizing a Twitter analytics tool.

Social media analytics are also quite important in determining the effectiveness of tactics that have been adopted. Real-time access to a variety of performance data is available. These real-time data assist firms in determining the effectiveness of marketing strategies that have been adopted.

Obtaining real-time information about social media campaigns and marketing plans is a top goal for businesses and brands that use social media platforms to promote their products and services. If the performance indicators are poor, they may use this information to make real-time adjustments to their marketing strategies.


Although the number of followers has been dethroned as the most significant metricArticle Submission, this does not imply that it is a vanity statistic. It continues to be of tremendous significance for companies and marketers. A large number of followers indicates that your article or tweet has been well received by your target audience. It assists you in drawing additional people to your Twitter profile and in establishing your authority in your field by utilizing hashtags.

A Twitter follower tracker can assist you in analyzing and tracking the growth of your Twitter following. This tool may also offer you valuable knowledge that will assist you in increasing the visibility of your business on social media platforms. Start utilizing a Twitter follower tracker now to help you expand your brand’s presence on Twitter.