5 Best Coding Challange Websites for Programmers

In the programming world, it is always advisable to try out different challenges. Whether you are learning a new programming language, preparing for a job interview or you just want to sharpen your coding skills, spare some time to participate in different programming contests. They will help you to gauge your skills and competence in a particular programming language. They also help you to put what you have learned into practice.

The biggest question is, which are the best websites for programming challenges? To answer this question, I have compiled a list of the best coding contest websites for programmers in 2019.

Best Coding Challenge websites

1. HackerRank


Are you an experienced programmer? Or do you believe that you are a good programmer? Consider joining the HackerRank coding contest website. It is among the most preferred contest site for advanced programmers. The contests on this site are usually deemed as world class and can be undertaken by professional coders. These challenges can be easily applied to the corporate world.

Some of the challenges that you will find on this website include database programming, algorithms, artificial intelligence among other topics. Some of them are sponsored by companies. The good thing is that there are solutions for the challenges and they will help you to understand how each problem is solved.

2. Codewars


Codewars is an ideal website for learners and intermediate programmers. It makes the learning process easier and fun. The site has a massive collection of challenges which are beginner-friendly. Also, the challenges cover more than 20 programming languages meaning that there is no limit on the language to use.

The good thing about Codewars is it has an inbuilt editor from where you can manually code. With each challenge that you take, there are points that you will get. These points will eventually be used to rank you. The site has discussion boards for coders.

3. CoderByte


CoderByte is a resourceful website for all types of coders-both the newbies and the experienced. The site has more than 200 challenges which cover more than 10 programming languages. The site has online editors which you can use to type your solution.

To improve on the accuracy, the site provides both the user solutions and as well as the official solutions. CoderByte has well-curated challenges that are ideal for interview preparations. It also has short programming courses that you can use to sharpen your coding skills.

4. CodinGame


Let’s face it, leaning to code can be a stressful task. Most of the time things may not go the way you want. CodinGame aims to make things different. It is a contest-based website that makes the whole coding process to be fun and enjoyable.

As the name suggests, you will actually be playing as you code. The outcome of the game will be determined by what you code. In terms of the languages, the site offers plenty of them and you can choose any language that you want. It has an intuitive user interface that you will definitely enjoy. Are you stressed up but you still want to code? This is the site to use.

5. TopCoder


Well, as they say, old is gold. TopCoder is the oldest coding contest website in this list. However, it is still among the best programming contest websites that you can use in 2019. The site has tons of challenges that cover different programming languages. You can take your time to go through some of the old challenges and the new ones on this website. TopCoder hosts some sponsored challenges and winners can walk away with money for writing the best solutions.


These are the best five coding contest websites that will be of great help to any programmer in 2019. They cover different programming languages hence the choice of a language should not limit you. These websites are a great source of knowledge and will help you to remain successful in your programming career. All you need is to sign up and start participating in the challenges.

Do you have any other coding contests websites that are equally good? Share them on the comment section.

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