Why Python is the Easiest In-demand Programming Language?

Python is the easiest in-demand programming language. This is what everybody is saying. In fact, it is the most recommended programming languages for beginners. Students who are completely green about programming are usually advised to start with Python. But, why is it so? Why only Python and not other programming languages? What does Python have that makes it so easy?

If you have been looking for concrete answers to such questions, then you are at the right place. In this post, am going to give you concrete reasons why Python is the easiest programming language.

1. Python is similar to a formal language of communication

python programming

The nature of a programming language determines whether it is difficult or not. For Python programming, it gives users an easy transition from formal language to programming language. This is possible because Python looks like everyday English language.

Unlike other programming languages, Python will not introduce you into something completely new. You will have an idea of what this programming language entails. While the brain of a human being is designed to learn and process new languages, the rate at which it processes may vary. Some languages can be learned faster than others.

Since Python is characterized by English-like language, learners don’t experience any difficulty comprehending it. Most of the symbols used are similar to the ones used in normal communication. This also means that you will be able to type and run the language much faster. This feature also eliminates any form of ambiguity in Python. As a Python programmer, yours is to play around with words and symbols.

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2. Python has adequate documentation

If there is a programming language that has really tried to leverage on the power of documentation it is Python. Both the newbies and experienced Python programmers won’t get stranded at any point because there are lots of reference points that you can use to solve any problem.

All you need is to visit python.org and you will find a wide array of documentation. They cover all the information that you need when programming using Python. To make it even easier, the learning and reference materials on the site are grouped based on different categories of programmers. There are exclusive materials for beginners, moderate and experienced Python programmers. You simply need to assess your level of experience and choose the resource that you need.

Apart from the documentation, there are lots of Python programming tutorials that you can use. One of them is the Python Tutor. There are many other information-rich tutorials that can help beginners to get on the right track with Python programming. The documentation and tutorials are always there as a backup plan.

3. Python has a rich library

From the traditional definition, a library is where you would go to get information whenever you want. From the computing perspective, a library is a collection of tools that help you to perform specific functions. Basically, it improves the functionality of a programming language.

How do libraries make Python simpler? Basically, a library saves you from the task of writing a code for a specific function. Instead, you will only be required to call or invoke a certain module within the library and it will perform the task for you. For instance, if you want to add some cute graphics to your application, you will simply use the Python Imaging Library. If you are into game programming, Pyglet and Pygame libraries will come in handy.

The plenty of modules and libraries explain why it is easier to execute complex functionalities using Python. Some of the tasks are quite complex if you decide to code them manually.

4. Python comes with a complete environment

This is another feature that makes Python be among the easiest programming languages. The language comes bundled in IDLE. Basically, this is an integrated development environment for Python. Apart from being an IDE, it also operates as a shell. This means that you can write and run your Python programs within the same environment.

IDLE is one of the things that make Python look simple. It comes with amazing features that make the coding process easier. One of them is the autocompletion feature. You don’t have to type the whole code. It also has a syntax highlighting feature which is well displayed when coding. IDLE also makes sure that your code runs immediately. No time will be wasted trying to compile and debug the program.

5. Python supports Metaprogramming

As an object-oriented programming language, Python supports metaprogramming. This entails creating a special class that will define the properties of other classes in a program. In other words, the Metaclass will act as a blueprint for other classes. The main advantage of metaprogramming in Python is it makes the process of working with classes.

Metaclass allows programmers to customize the properties of several classes by just working on one class. You don’t have to go after each individual class. As a programmer, you will have the power to transform a whole class at ago. It makes object-oriented programming feel much easier in Python.

6. Multiple assignments

Some people call it iterable unpacking or tuple unpacking. This is a special feature that allows a programmer to assign multiple variables at the same time within a single line of code. It is the fastest and probably the easiest way of dealing with several variables at once. The feature provides an ideal alternative to hard-coded indexes.


The above are the main reasons that make Python the easiest in-demand programming language. Complete newbies can get into Python and start building complex applications. On the other hand, experienced programmers are able to handle major Python projects without straining.