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Best Courses to Learn JavaScript Programming Online


Are you aspiring to be a web developer or designer? JavaScript should be among the languages that you should study. This is a programming language that is used to make websites more interactive. You can use JavaScript to make animations, graphics, dynamic forms among other interactive features on your website.

JavaScript enjoys unlimited support from different frameworks. The most common ones are ReactJs and AngularJs. You can do lots of things with the help of such frameworks. There is no doubt that being an expert in JavaScript will put you in a better position in the job market. Your skills will always be on demand.

So where can you learn JavaScript from? Consider attending online classes. Here are the best places to learn JavaScript online.

Best Javascript Courses online

1. The Complete JavaScript Course 2018

Do you want to learn JavaScript from 0-100? This is the right course for you. It will take you from being a mere beginner to an advanced JavaScript developer. The course starts off by teaching the fundamentals of JavaScript. These include syntax, variables, logic, functions and control statements.

From there, the course will teach you about AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript). You will learn about AJAX and how to use it when developing interactive web applications. You will appreciate the power of JavaScript and the role that it plays behind the scene.

This powerful online course does more than just feeding you with educative tutorials. It also has quizzes which you can answer. The goods news is there are solutions to every challenge that is posted. The good thing about this online JavaScript is it is up to date. It covers modules of modern JavaScript modules such as NPM, Webpack, and Babel.

2. Modern JavaScript From the Beginning

The aim of this course is to teach you pure JavaScript to an extent that you will be able to build functional projects without using any libraries or frameworks. It has modular learning sections which are backed up by 10 real-world projects that are built on pure JavaScript.

In this course, you will be able to learn about various JavaScript patterns. It also covers all the aspects of AJAX, Fetch API, Async/ Await and Promises. This course also teaches about OOP in JavaScript. You will learn about the DOM (document object model) without using jQuery.

3. JavaScript: Understanding the weird parts

This course takes the learning process to a completely different level. It makes JavaScript look fun and easy to learn. It is an advanced JavaScript course for everyone that includes Scope, closures, prototypes, ‘this’, along with how to build your own framework, and much more.

It starts with how Javascript works and then it unfolds all the important concepts of JavaScript. The course is well structured and organized in a way that won’t leave you strained as a learner. It is an ideal course for both the beginners and experienced learners.

4. Advanced JavaScript

You already have the knowledge and skills on basic and intermediate JavaScript. You now think that it is time to take things further. This is perfect for you. It is quite amazing to note that this course covers both the fundamentals and advanced aspects of JavaScript. You will be able to do anything with this language.

The course will also prepare you adequately for upcoming interviews on JavaScript. You will be at a perfect position to sit for both oral and practical interviews.

5. Accelerated JavaScript Training

Accelerated JavaScript Training will equip you with the right knowledge and skills for building modern reactive and interactive websites. It is a comprehensive course that is packed with numerous examples which will guide you through this important language.

The course starts with the basics of JavaScript and dives into the advanced sections of the language. It covers JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, React Js and Angular. It will also expose you to the real-life applications of JavaScript.

Well, now you are in the know. Whether you are an experienced JavaScript programmer or you are a newbie, there is always an online course that will suit you. The above are rated among the best courses to master JavaScript programming.

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