Top 10 Problems Every Gamer Has Faced Once in Life

Looking at the problems that we as gamers have faced both in and out of games.

Top Gamer Problems

10. Toxic Communities

Gaming has evolved over the years we had managed to move beyond the realms of our living rooms and into the online world. The internet became, more mainstream games took advantage of the changing landscape and brought online multiplayer to competitive games. Unfortunately not having to see everyone face to face brought an even greater rise to toxic communities. Players who blame everyone else for their problems, people who spam, irritating noises into their microphones. These people make the communities sometimes make it difficult to enjoy the games.

9. Parents

We have all been there when we were younger, parents who do not approve of our gaming habits. If your parents were fine with you playing video games, there was, of course, the issue of having them buying the games for you and dictating what you could and could not play at least until you could save up your allowance for yourself. It is said to be missing out on a lot of amazing titles when you were young.

8. Budget

On the other hand, while getting games as a kid was tough purchasing games. As an adult comes with its set of real-life obstacles you know the ones that your parents kind of warned you about with most games costing as much as a week’s worth of groceries for some and consoles in the hundreds of dollars it can be quite difficult to manage our money especially when we see our friends all have that shiny new console. Being a PC gamer can be even more pain trying with upgrades reaching into the thousands regarding a full-on upgrade or even the cost of chairs for computer gamersall in a quest to get that 60 frames-per-second.

7. Your Favorite Franchise Ruined

Every gamer has had a franchise that gave new meaning to their favorite hobby. Some game series lives spanning years it can be quite difficult to maintain that high standard that fans have come to expect and there are bound to be flops. Unfortunately, those flops can sometimes end up ruining our perception of the entire franchise in general. It can be disheartening when a follow-up to one of your favorite games of all time turns out to be nothing short of a disaster.

6. Stereotyping

As gaming has evolved and changed so has the culture in communities so when we see TV shows movies or even other communities label or depict us as the classic nerd stereotype, it could be kind of frustrating. The most insulting and one of the most common as gaming communities as a whole are very diverse in nature it seems like the term nerd is meant to label a community that doesn’t adhere to popular standards. Gaming is becoming one of the biggest forms of media it is questionable as to why people still feel the need for that label.

5. Dying When you didn’t save your progress

While the autosave and checkpoint systems have been a blessing, there was a time, and depending on the game where saving was completely manual or taken out of your hands. If you died, then you have to go back to where you last saved. Sometimes you get so immersed in your game that you lose track of time and forget to save your progress. Then when you die, you are reminded of your mistake, and you could be crushed by losing how much time you have played. Sometimes it is even several hours worth just remember to always check up on your saves especially before a boss fight come on.

4. Save file corrupted

As if losing some of your in-game time from forgetting to save was bad enough. Imagine losing all of your progress in one fell swoop. Save file corruption means in almost all cases that you cannot return to the game from that file. All that time you spent has gone forever. It is almost as bad as deleting a save accidentally, but corruption is typically out of your control with reasons ranging from unexpected power outages to bugs, or just the game is dumb. The result is always the same, and your time it is just gone.

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3. Time Management

Speaking of time even if we had enough money to spend on all the games we wanted. Time will always be an issue we still need to work our jobs or go to our classes deal with the family or just get enough sleep. These are a bit of hassle if you are a major gamer. Setting aside enough time to play your game can feel more like scheduling an appointment rather than just having fun. This is troublesome to all gamers.

2. Broken Console and Scratched Games

Nothing breaks a gamer’s heart more than their games being physically broken or their game discs scratched. Replacing a game can be expensive. But replacing the system is what makes things hard spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for a device to play games on is costly and repairing it or replacing it can add up. With many gamers using games as a means for relaxation and escaping the stresses of the real world being unable to play and being out quite a bit of money is what hits us where it hurts the most.

1. Lag

Another problem that is typically out of your control. Lagging is extremely frustrating for online gamers caused by the internet slowing down either locally or server-side. It creates hiccups to gameplay from players teleporting and running in place, your shots not connecting with the enemy. It can make any online match unplayable. If you are the only one lagging, you appear to everyone else as just kind of like a bad player

Few other problems we can add:

  • Parents not understanding some games don’t have pause.
  • Buying a highly anticipated game and didn’t result what you expected.