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India is getting it’s own version of Bitcoin called Lakshmi Coin

The Bitcoin hype train has finally reached India, the country which has shut the Bitcoin transactions so far. India is now planning to launch their own version of Bitcoin-like currencies called 'Lakshmi Coin'. The country...

OurMine Hackers Hacked VEVO and leaked 3.12TB data online

The infamous hacker group OurMine targeted the popular video hosting service and leaked 3.12TB worth of data online. The hacker group is constantly in news by attacking various popular companies including HBO recently. Now...
samsung bug bounty-compressed

Samsung’s New Bug Bounty Program With Rewards Upto $200,000

Recently many big tech companies are launching Bug bounty programs and now Samsung has joined the list. Samsung announced that they are ready to give rewards up to $200,000 to anyone who can find...
data leakage

How Data Leakage Protection Software Can Prevent Trade Secret Theft?

Gone are the days when businesses stored information in physical files in office drawers and lockers. One misplaced file (out of heaps of files) could literally have put an organization’s reputation at stake, with...
google and udacity scholarship

Google and Udacity offer scholarships for 75,000 web and app developers

Google and Udacity Offer 75,000 New Android and Web Development Scholarships. Extending its partnership with Udacity, Google has announced its plans to offer 75000 Web development and Android scholarships for prospective data scientists and developers...
domains related services

How to pick the best company for domain related services?

Find a company online that specializes in a number of domain services Even "old school" thinkers, those that abhor some of the new trends and technology that keep emerging and growing, grudgingly have to admit...

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