Facebook Acquires Oculus VR

The world of smart glasses has been a hive of activity recently, what with Google partnering with Luxottica, the company behind Oakley and Ray-Ban and


Twitter is banned in Turkey

Twitter Users in Turkey did not follow the orders of the Turkey`s Government to not to use Twitter.Twitter was originally banned Twitter last week. Now

facebook tricks

14 Interesting Facebook Tricks You must Know

Everyone knows Facebook, but not everyone knows Facebook very well. You could spend your days on the world’s biggest social network liking and sharing, or

American space ships

The Ships of the New Space Age

American engineers are making more new manned spacecraft than at any other time in history. Here i am listing 7 vehicles that will change how

Indian banks are prepared for Windows XP support

The Indian Banks Association has downplayed concerns arising from discontinuation of Microsoft’s Windows XP OS for banks and ATM’s. The association claims that neither branches