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Various Uses of OTG Cable

Various Uses of OTG cable That You Probably didn’t know

USB OTG or the OTG cable is also known as USB On-The-Go cable is the cable which allows USB devices to act as a...

Razer has launched the Perfect Wireless Gaming Mouse

The gamers always look for the long lasting wireless mouse. There are some wireless mouse available in the market, where they promise about the...
intel ruler ssd

Intel’s New SSD is capable of storing 300,000 HD movies

Hard drives are in the market from decades, and they are offering the efficient service to the consumers. But, soon the hard drives will...
create your own windows run commandscreate your own windows run commands

How to create your own Windows Run Commands

Windows OS is the product of Microsoft, and this company has not left any loose strings in its features. This is the reason that...
a computer can be hacked using dna

Researchers proved that a computer can be hacked using DNA

The recent study conducted by the researchers from the University of Washington say that they have successfully hacked into a computer using the custom...

Sarahah will not reveal your identity?

Are you aware of Sarahah? If not, then go on your social media platform and look for the Sarahah. If you go through your...
TCP IP PROTOCOLS CAN stop hacking-compressed

TCP/IP can control the hacking, but it will ruin the Internet

You might be aware of the recent Ransomware attacks, where the complete data of few nations were on a stake. These attacks have got...
best phones to buy in india

Best Phones to buy in India

If you are looking for the high-end specifications phone during August-September month, then you would like to wait for few more days. As most...

Google fired an employee who penned a controversial sexist memo

The memo published by one of the Googlers went viral when he posted a comment that women had biological issues that prevent them from...

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