Best Marketing Podcasts You Should Follow

As a marketer, your continued success depends on your ability to acquire new knowledge and adapt to a dynamic business environment. To do this, listen to top-notch podcasts on branding and take notes on what the industry’s most successful strategists, innovators, and chief executive officers are doing properly.

But don’t limit yourself to podcasts on related topics. Keep your options open. Your range of expertise should include not just email marketing but also so much more.

1) Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

Marketing Podcasts

Fans of the Social Media Analyst will find a lot to like in this marketing podcast. Michael Stelzner hosts one of the most popular and informative social media marketing podcasts. They have experts in the field who talk about crucial issues and provide useful guidance.

You may expect up-to-date and professional guidance that will help you hone your marketing abilities and expand your company. The techniques and strategies discussed in this podcast would help you maximize your presence on social media and better connect with your target demographic.

2) Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Podcasts

Have you ever considered using your morning coffee time to enlighten yourself? Just such is the goal of the program, “Marketing Over Coffee,” which offers a casual and relaxed look into the field of marketing. John J. Wall, who also serves as the show’s executive producer, presents it. Christopher Penn, who will be hosting with us, created the PodCamp Unconferences.

The advice they give on social media and the discussion they have about how to create a solid marketing plan will make you feel like you’re in on the action.

3) Success Made Simple

Marketing Podcasts

If you want to be successful in marketing, you require more than just knowledge of the finest techniques; you also need the correct frame of mind. Listen to Dr. Dave Martin every week as he discusses how to develop a competitive mentality that can help you succeed in your career and in society.

This podcast will provide you with entertaining and thought-provoking insights to help you improve your marketing approach. Both your personal as well as professional development will benefit from listening to this episode. Furthermore, Dr. Dave Martin simplifies the process.

4) Everyone Hates Marketers

Marketing Podcasts

Louis Grenier understands if you’re sick of the same old pushy marketing. The theme of his program, Everyone Hates Marketers, explicitly states his feelings about marketers. Louis Grenier, a digital marketer who has worked with companies like Dropbox for around ten years, hosts a podcast in which he teaches his fellow professionals how to promote their businesses honestly and ethically.

Digital Marketing Podcast is hosted by Louis Grenier in which he talks to innovative business owners and marketers.

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