The Best Plugins for Gaming Websites

Website owners will understand the importance of plugins. They improve the gamer’s user experience on your website, but they can also cause harm by allowing visitors to access information that should not be available. Plugins are programs written by developers (like you!) that enhance the functionality of a web browser.

Some famous types of plugins include Flash, Java, and HTML5. There are also many different uses for tech in game development including viewing videos or games, listening to music, or using complex program-like functions like Skype.

However, since multiple websites use their plugin, there are significant compatibility problems with specific browsing software (or ‘web browsers’).

Compatibility problems mean if you have two sites that require two completely different plugins, they might not work together! A good example of this is playing online poker on a site that uses Java to let you play cards – but your web browser does not have the java plugin installed.

The Best Plugins for gaming websites

The best plugins for gaming websites will allow you to build a website that can work with others and enhance user experience, creating an unforgettable online powerhouse. An excellent example of this is myCRED, BadgeOS, MoolaMojo, and WP User Achievements, all of which use different gamification methods to make things are more fun by rewarding users for positive actions with unique items or privileges. The groundwork has been laid out for you! It is up to your imagination as to what kind of rewards your gamers demand!

If this sounds like hard work, then don’t worry – there are also plenty of plugins available for those who wish for something simple, not too much extra work. Examples of this are already on the list below with GamiPress and BadgeOS.

Gaming websites should also be aware that plugins are added to their page through third-party content, the same way online games are played, meaning these can come from anywhere. It is essential to check everything before publishing it on your website! With all this said, there is no excuse not to have a great gaming website that you can fully control using plugins today!


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What is Gamification?

What is it, and how can gamification benefit you? Gamification is the new wave in online games, rewarding users for positive actions or interactions on a website to encourage competition and create a sense of community between gamers!

Here are some examples of gamification plugins that enable you to do this on your website today!

GamiPress allows users to earn points on their site, which players can then use to purchase special features or unlock new areas of your site. Gamers can use this plugin on WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla!

myCRED is an addon that gives you 12 different gamification tools such as badges and levels, to award players for specific tasks. It also allows leaderboards, so users know who the best gamers are!

BadgeOS is a simple tool for creating and managing rewards or achievements on your website. You get basic tools for all your needs, and it is easy to use with no coding knowledge required!

MoolaMojo provides 4 unique ways to reward users: money, prizes, and special treatment, giving even more options than GamiPress and BadgeOS combined!

BePro Points offers a straightforward alternative for BadgeOS and MoolaMojo, which provides a unique feature of allowing users to trade points for cash!

Captain Up is the third gamification plugin on this list that allows users to earn reward points, get badges and unlock special features and contests! This plugin works best on WordPress.

WPAchievements is a free gamification plugin built specifically for WordPress. If you don’t want to pay or create your custom badges, Captain Up provides an easy way to make them online – it has over 300 available right now.

User Badges WP User Achievements Plugin creates more than just badges – with 48 different things that gamers can earn on your websites, such as trophies, coins, and gold stars, you are sure to find something suitable for everyone.

Marketing Automation by AZEXO is ideal for those who need even more features than the previous plugins. It isn’t free, but it offers so much choice and variety to help you market your site – choose between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, or RSS feeds!

KingSumo Giveaway is a plugin that allows you to create and host your very own giveaways on your website. It’s easy to set up and comes packed with features! You can choose between any kind of giveaway to suit your website, including photo contests, quiz competitions, or even simple surveys.

Open Badge Factory provides an online which supports the creation of badges. OBF is an excellent choice if you want to run a campaign but don’t want to create badges by hand!

Learning Management System – Moodle Plugin allows you to integrate your favorite gamification plugins into your LMS platform for incentives for achievements. It is simple to use and even has social media integration!

Gamification plugins offer an easy way to provide excellent content on your website, keeping users engaged and creating a sense of community where every user feels welcome.



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Advantages of Gamification

The advantages of gamification are not limited to what you can get out of it yourself – it helps your website appear more engaging for users. Users remember gamification and come back again and again because they feel like a part of the community and enjoy having fun while using your website!

Reddit an Example

For example, Reddit started as a small site where users could post links and comments but soon evolved into one of the most influential websites, with over 1 million subreddits currently available. Growth has happened because Reddit allows its users to upvote or downvote content to promote quality posts or remove spammy ones that they don’t want to see. Other features include unique pages called “subreddits” where people can post all sorts of topics such as food, travel, music, and art.

Another reason why Reddit is such a success is how it uses gamification. There are countless awards that Reddit users can get for making the site popular, known as “Karma.” For example, getting 1 Karma means you’ve made one post or comment, and 10 Karma means your post has received ten upvotes. Karma encourages people to post and submit more high-quality content to gain more Karma which helps with SEO and subsequently the site will get more recognition.

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