5 Cyber Security Projects on GitHub that Can Boost Your Portfolio Instantly


There has been a rise in cyberattacks in the past decade, which has led to an increase in cybersecurity needs. Data breached affect businesses for financial and reputational losses that often result in bankruptcy. A report by IBM suggested that the average cost of such attacks is $3.9 million. Consequently, educational institutes and premier organizations across various domains have taken upon themselves to prepare professionals for combating such attacks and securing the cyber world. Today, cyber security courses online are providing specialized curriculum to train professionals in combat skills. Apart from pursuing a specialized course, you can also look for open-source projects available on GitHub that add value to your experience.

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Many open-source projects are available on GitHub, which you can practice gaining real-life business situation experience. Alongside cyber security courses online, you must build your portfolio with open-source projects, where you can learn about the industry practices and know of what situations can threaten a network.

Here are some of the popular cybersecurity projects available on GitHub that you can practice enhancing your skills and knowledge:

osquery (Facebook)

osquery reveals an operating system as a high-performance rational database. It helps you write queries based on Structures Query Language (SQL) to explore data from operating systems. SQL tables with osquery represent abstract concepts like running projects, loaded kernel modules, open network connections, browser plugins, and file hash.

Infer (Facebook)

It is an open-source static analysis tool that helps find bugs in software using C, C++, Object-C, Java languages. Infer detects critical bugs that help companies avoid system crashes and poor application performance.

IBM Cloud Pak

It is an open-source cybersecurity project available on GitHub for hybrid systems that connect a wide range of security tools, on-site and cloud systems. It eliminates the need to transfer data from different sources. The program helps businesses simplify response to cyberattacks, protecting the network.


To secure networks, Google has open-sourced OpenTitan project to orchestrate cybersecurity needs from the ground up. The project can be used to incorporate data centers server protocols, storage, and more. It will ensure that the infrastructure for the hardware is in its intended and trusted state. It offers a unique machine identity, cryptographically, to help monitor system legitimacy.


The project monitors applications for security in real-time and facilitates access control. It also provides continuous passive security evaluation, complete HTTP traffic monitoring and hardening of web applications. It focuses more on system behavior to identify abnormalities and suspicious events.

These are some of the many open-source projects available on GitHub that you can pursue with cybersecurity courses online to boost your portfolio. Although such projects are necessary for practicing industry techniques, you must not undermine the value of the best cybersecurity courses online that can help you polish your skills and grow industry-based knowledge.

Boost Your Career with Best Cyber Security Courses Online

The above-mentioned open-source GitHub projects will help you practice the skills you acquire from cyber security courses online. In India, Jigsaw Academy is a reputable institution that offers a master certificate in cybersecurity red team in association with HackerU that offers guaranteed placement. HackerU is a world-renowned cybersecurity service provider, which is also a pioneer in digital education space. The course will grow your skills in various tools used in the cybersecurity industry like network services and security, cryptography, Linux, and windows server.

Cybersecurity courses online are becoming popular due to the growing demand for such professionals. If you want to make a career in the field or start with pursuing the best cybersecurity courses online and develop knowledge.

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