How Modern Hole Drilling Tools Are Increasing Automobile Industry Profitability

Hole drilling is one of the crucial parts of the automobile industry. Technicians drill thousands of holes every day to meet the demands of the car parts. Some of the essential parts that require hole drilling are the engine blocks, camshafts, internal engine parts, airbag propellant chambers, and transmission shafts. Conveyor belts in the automotive industry run for hours at a stretch, but if one of the spindles don’t drill holes efficiently even for a minute, the manufacturer may lose a lot of money. That is why small tooling changes can improve the profitability of the automobile industry.

The much-needed change

Earlier, high-volume drilling operations and automotive metal cutting were performed using dedicated machines. However, these machines worked slowly because the line only ran at a specific speed. But with the introduction of flexible CNC machining parts, the efficiency of drilling has improved a lot.

Modern manufacturers are using machines where the parts run faster, and as a result of the drilling productivity also increases. This has resulted in higher revenue for the automobile industry in the last few years. It is finally the change that the makers were looking for, and it has not only increased production but also their profitability.

Factors affecting metal cutting trends

One of the factors that increased the metal cutting cost for the last few decades was the elimination of free machine metals. The die breaks added to the total cost, and this often decreased the amount of revenue for the automobile companies. However, with the use of CNC machine parts, this problem has been solved. The low-cost machines that offer little or no die break are improving the revenue margins again. They can increase the chip control settings of the machine line to provide a satisfactory finish to the parts.

For example, if the engine block of a car requires ten holes, but there are four different sizes that the technician needs to follow. The modern machine will use a single dye to cut the ten holes. But when the thickness or size is different, the technician changes the width to adjust the settings. This allows only a single dye to cut different holes without having to change the dye for every different size.

CNC machines improving the performance of older machines

CNC machines have been a game-changer for many reasons. They not only increase the productivity and profitability of the automobile industry but also improve the performance of the older machines. For example, the latest drilling machines include a hollow taper shank tool. But many 21st-century machines can work well with the 20th-century machines and improve manufacturing efficiency. This also increases the profitability of the manufacturers. You are improving the existing capital asset instead of spending a huge amount on a new one.

The flexibility offered by the CNC machines is hope for older machines because they still have enough life to make a difference in the automobile industry. So, the tooling improvements

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