What you need to know about Social Gaming Platforms


What is a social media platform?

The well known social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Even Myspace was popular back in 2005. Does anyone remember hi5 too? Where you could personalize your own social page, adding music from YouTube or creative glittery images? Well, these platforms nowadays, are adding games too. Facebook has numerous popular browser games like FarmVille, Candy Crush and so on. These games first started as apps on phones. The popular casino games, that started way back in a land-based casino, then evolved into online casino games, have also found a way into the social media platform. Facebook is the one that has integrated the most games, like slots, video poker, bingo or blackjack into their website. So what makes them so fascinating?

Casino Games and Social Features

Social casino games are mostly equipped with casino-related themes and rules.¬† Related to the casino, there is a studio called Ruby Seven Studios, that came out with some unique games. They work on the graphic content of casino games and companies like Konami, IGT and more seem to publish their creative works. Social casino games aren’t just about the games, there is also a community of people that are passionate about them.

Another well-known game developer company is Zynga which is mainly known by their work with Facebook. This gigantic social media platform is one of the main reasons why Zynga is so famous. Their fame came with the release of FarmVille and other slot and poker games. The game that blew up in popularity the most is Zynga Poker. It is found on Facebook and attracts players from all around the world who are familiar with poker. Zynga also offers a unique slot game called Wizards of Oz slots, where you can enjoy a classic story tale by playing a series of storytelling machines that change each time players hit a new level.

Slots Are the Favorite

Based around public online polls from different social platforms, in 2014 people voted that slots are the most favorite gambling games that are found in a regular casino. Slots are reached 48% while the second best game only 16%. We are not sure what’s the main reason that made people prefer slots but the fact that this game has short and easy rounds can be the answer. However, while slot games are on the first place of the player’s preference, social casinos demonstrate that poker is the player’s preference.

New Social Casino Platforms

With the rise of technology, new platforms have emerged that support casino games, especially slot games. These platforms help players find their preferred games and share their experiences with other players.

There are many online casinos that offer a wide variety of slot games with diverse themes and a unique feeling to them. Games like “Book of Ra”, ” Lord of the Ocean” and ” Shooting Stars” have been a few of the most played and most appreciated ones due to the fun graphics, sound effects and themes, which make them visually attractive and draw people in. These games usually have 5 reels giving you the opportunity to have a good combination with every spin.

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