Parental Control with help App for Your Phone

There are a number of ways to protect the content in which kids get exposed to from the internet and one of the ways is by use of a free cell phone tracker. In the world today, it is almost a basic thing to adopt tracking methods as a way of protecting the kids from content and people that may impact their lives negatively. A free cell phone tracker, in this case, would do a thing. It enables you to watch over what your kids do proactively. A free cell phone tracker works to ensure that you can protect your kids from the comfort of your workplaces, or even safe at home. The use of spy phone application in monitoring of kids has several advantages.

  • Its one of the best-recommended app for smartphone users
  • It does not interfere with the running of other programs
  • You can actually track multiple phones using just one account
  • You can check records even when in remote areas, wherever you are
  • Optimized to use low power as well as low execution time
  • It is compatible with all operating systems ranging from Android to IOS
  • It ensures safe and secure storage of logs
  • Has a 3-day full access period for testing
  • The application runs on a command of about 50 languages.

How does it operate?


  • Call tracking

Spy phone app displays the caller details as well as the person to whom a call was made. It is also enabled to show the images of the caller if their contact is saved on the kid’s phone. This way one can easily tell who is good company for their child from who is not.

  • Text message tracking

It makes possible for you as a parent to retrieve messages sent or received by your child’s phone. Once the messages have been received or sent, they appear into your spy phone account showing the time, date and the content of the message. Amazingly, even if the holder of the phone deletes the message, it will not affect your end. With this information, one is able to be literally involved in your child’s growth and be able to come in in case of any danger.

  • Tracking of location and geo-fencing

It`s not an exciting thing as a parent being able to detect if your child is lying about where he/she has been? With Spy phone app, you need to worry less and let the app do all the caring for you. This is because the app enables you to

  • Monitor the whereabouts of your loved one, by providing a detailed map of the vicinity
  • Identify the location even without the use of GPS
  • Access all the information you need to the place.

It allows for the use of a geofence, which gives an alert in the case where the person has gone to a targeted area. The parent is able to know what steps to take to get the child to safe areas. It gives a record of how often the child visits the place as well as the child’s movement.

This information is relevant as it helps to know where and what the child is doing even when you are not physically with them.

  • Monitors web activities


With the diverse growth of entertainment features from the internet, there is no filter in the content to which a child can be exposed to. The use of the Spy phone app enables you as a parent to be aware of the sites your child visits, how often the child visits these sites and also has user blocked sites to prevent exposure to pornographic materials.

It should be noted that this is where the child runs to when all other measures have been put. So in order to ensure that your child does the right thing, it is important to monitor their activities online.

  • Monitoring of social media applications

There is need to supervise how active your child is in social media forums. This works for both rooted and non-rooted phones. Even when records are deleted, you will still get them from your phone.

  • Tracking of multimedia files

It allows you to view the photos stored on the phone as well as the videos downloaded and shared even when these files are deleted from the host phone, you will still get them on your phone.

How do I install it?

For install using this link: ( Before installing, the application on the phone you want to monitor, you must follow the following procedure

  1. Go to settings> security settings> check unknown sources
  2. Then go to Google settings> security> “Turn off” scan device for security threats.
  3. Enable the command “allow the installation of non-market application”
  4. Click on the app you have already downloaded and chosen option “install”
  5. After installation of the application, choose option “open”
  6. Then register an account after running the application
  7. If you have had an account, just proceed to login and select a name for your phone
  8. Log in to Spy phone app using your email and password then go on to checking the logs.

To ensure that the Spy Phone app activities are not interrupted,

  • You should ensure that the spy phone notification icon is enabled
  • For higher operating system phones, ensure that the dose optimization battery is disabled
  • Disable third-party optimization apps

On the parent’s side, the application mainly runs on user interface usually for map tracking and for the child, the application is mostly a service or listener kind of a listener, it is for tracking the location of the child, cones all the incoming messages and keeps record of all the calls made and received as well as the caller details.


The use of Spy phone tracking app will greatly improve the lives of people. It will promote some sort of transparency between kids and their parents as well as enable the there being of transparency.

In the world we are in today, the level of crimes has advanced and for most parents with teenagers. This is the time to hold them and keep a close eye on them. The adoption of this application will see the end of some of the many crimes associated with kids such as child trafficking, sexual assault, missing children.

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