3 Interesting Insights Into Mobile Gaming

A decade ago, the mobile gaming industry has looked completely different. While there were a few dedicated titles that were hugely popular among players – think Snake and Tetris, two games played by millions on camera phones – the mobile gaming market was virtually non-existent. Then the iPhone arrived and was followed by Android and its massive success, which turned mobile games into the dominant game type on a global scale – when it comes to revenues, that is. Today, more people play top quality mobile gaming on the Royal Vegas casino app than ever, and the popularity of mobile games is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Game genres

Mobile gaming is a serious force to reckon with on the global gaming market – but not all games are created equal. Some genres are more popular than others, and some have more dedicated players. According to a report released last December by Verto Analytics, puzzle games had the largest player base in 2016, with more than 65 million monthly active users. Alternate reality (AR) games were the third most popular category, thanks mainly to the insane success of Pokémon GO. Action/Strategy games were the fourth, and casino slots were fifth.

Slots are very popular among players in North America, Australia, and some other countries, but in Europe, they are overshadowed by real money gaming venues. Here, players can freely visit the Royal Vegas and play any of its games either for real money or free. In countries where gaming venues like the Royal Vegas are not available, social slots are the best alternative.

Game players

If we were to create the portrait of the average mobile player based on statistics, the result would be a middle-aged female smartphone owner spending the evening playing puzzle games. Puzzles are predominantly played by women aged 25 to 54, and especially in the evening. AR games, the third most played game genre in 2016, were mostly played by younger males – in the 18 to 24 demographic – and their usage decreases as the players’ ages grow.

Game revenues

According to game analytics company Newzoo, mobile games were responsible for the largest share of revenue on the global market, with 32% of the total of the estimated $108.9 billion for this year. Thus, it has outperformed console games (31%) and PC games (23%). According to the estimates of the analytics company, the gaming industry will continue to grow in the coming years, reaching a total value of over $128 billion by 2020, and mobile games will continue to increase its advance over the rest of the platforms, grabbing around 40%, or 50% if we count tablet games, too.

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