Why Gamers have embraced live Games

There’s no denying that millions of Gamers across the world find online online gaming websites enjoyable, but it just doesn’t quite equate to the adrenaline rush you get when you’re stood in the thick of the action on the floor of a bricks and mortar casino. Although you may not incur the costs and logistical problems of physically travelling to your nearest gaming arena, there’s something that nags away leaving you feeling a little unfulfilled.

For traditional punters, the opportunity to place bets in a physical area and interact with like-minded punters is what makes the whole ‘experience’. It’s an opportunity to build friendships, socialize and have fun with fellow players and dealers – it’s a form of entertainment.

It’s this desire for interaction and to be entertained that’s spawned a new era of Gaming action – live onlinegames.

Aided by technological advancements in the speed, precision, and reliability of online streaming, online games are able to stream human dealers live from tables who interact and manage online games with thousands of players from across the world.

Live dealer games operate in exactly the same way as those you’d enjoy. Rather than perching on a seat at a table or leaning over a roulette wheel you simply pick up the action using the live feed provided by cameras of online sites. Live dealer are so readily accessible now. All the biggest online sites now allow their customers to play via live streams on desktops and all types of smartphone and mobile devices.

It’s not just the traditional games you’ll find being dealt live on web camera streams either. For instance, PokerStars Casino offers live action

Types of live streams include Dealer studios. Arguably the most typical live casino stream you’ll find, dealer studios are specially designed for streaming live table games. Every aspect of the dealer studio is set up to enhance the gaming experience of the online players, from the camera control and placement to the studio lighting.

For players that crave the atmosphere and buzz of the floor, some online sites will host live action on card tables positioned in the heart of a real gaming. floor streams involve human dealers and croupiers as well as floor bosses who may intervene whenever necessary. Online chat functionality also tends to be enabled for casino table streams, allowing players to interact with the dealer and fellow gamers.

The physical moves made by the dealer are cleverly translated into data used by live software developed by leading brands such as Playtech and Microgaming, known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This allows gamers to play at a live casino table without barely noticing the difference between a brick and mortar and live gaming experience.

The third and final common live stream are those broadcast live online and through satellite TV. The key difference between a stream from a dealer studio and a television is that the latter is not online 24-hours a day. The broadcast games on satellite TV are normally scheduled for airtime during evenings when gamers are at home and looking to be entertained.

Technology is providing gamers with convenience and accessibility to action like never before. With a unique combination of genuine dealers and floor bosses, the use of real card tables and decks of cards and other equipment, within a few clicks of a mouse you can be sat at a busy table being dealt in the next hand. It’s created a pick-up-and-play gaming environment that’s helping online sites to thrive.


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