How the Online Bingo Industry has Embraced Technology to Secure Survival

How the Online Bingo Industry has Embraced Technology to Secure Survival

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This year marks the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone’s release, and in that decade the smartphone has replaced or made redundant many of the old ways of doing things. From cameras and video recorders to landline telephones and gaming, no industry has been left untouched, – but not many have harnessed the power of technology as well as the Gambling and Bingo Industry has.

Traditional gambling venues were adversely affected by the advent of mobile technology but the industry has been at the forefront of innovation and instead of dying a slow death it has ensured online gambling and bingo’s survival and meteoric growth.

Online Bingo Keeps Bingo Providers Afloat

Bingo’s legacy of evolution goes back beyond smartphones, however, with the industry’s adoption of online-based games being the first move made by many of the sectors’ operators. As computers and the internet took hold at the end of the twentieth century many bingo operators moved quickly to establish online platforms where bingo fans would be able to play their favorite games. The move online was a success and from then on the gambling industry would always be at the cutting edge of emerging tech.

Online bingo came at the right time for the bingo industry as it allowed them to create sites and games where it would appeal to both veteran players, used to the traditional bingo hall game, and new online players. The digital versions of bingo helped replace and in some cases increase the revenues that operators had begun to lose as fewer people came through the doors of their bingo hall.

Smartphones and Mobile Bingo

As mentioned above, smartphones had an even bigger effect on the fortunes of the bingo industry because they put the potential and capabilities of the computer into the palm of your hand. A growing list of mobile bingo sites and the availability of mobile computing through tablets and smartphones meant that players could now play bingo games on the go, whether while commuting or killing time at home. Again, gambling and bingo leaders were quick to adopt mobile technology; many ensured their online websites were optimized for mobile viewing and many others created dedicated apps that took advantage of the app store’s reach.

Mobile bingo has been one of the fastest growing gaming niches in recent years as smartphone technology helps bingo companies reach their loyal customers and large markets of new ones worldwide.

The Future of Bingo: Virtual and Augmented

Looking ahead, the industry is set to be at the forefront again as new technology trends such as virtual and augmented reality reach the mainstream. While online and mobile-based bingo games are virtual versions of their predecessors, virtual reality, and augmented reality will take things a step further by fully immersing players in a bingo hall or casino environment. Players will be able to interact with other bingo fans as if in the same room, one many other possibilities, for example.

It seems that by embracing technology and being at the cutting edge of any new tech that helps the industry grow, Bingo will soon come full circle. Traditional bingo halls may never be full again, but given the growth of the genre on mobile and the arrival of VR and AR technology, the virtual ones will!