Along with the incredible advancements made in gaming over the last couple of decades, there has been a resurgence of classic games that have taken on a new life on various digital platforms. Whether it’s digital versions of old board games, playable takes on classic game shows or even old console and PC games finding new life on today’s latest tech, it’s a good time be a fan of old (“retro”) games.

Easily one of the real pleasures of this movement is the fact that you get to take part in all those great TV game shows that always had you shouting the answer at the screen. Some can be played for real money, most not but they tend to be great fun regardless. You can play Deal or No Deal Online just as easily as you can play Who Wants to be a Millionaire as a downloadable or off-the-shelf game.

Board games have also proven to be a wonderful source of digital entertainment that can be played either against your computer or, much better yet, against other players online. Every classic board game ever is pretty readily available to play, either on your laptop/PC or your mobile device and more often than not for free. Scrabble is a perennial favorite, as are the seeming thousands of Scrabble-influenced word games. Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, and Chess are also easily available, as are hundreds of others.

For those who prefer classic video, arcade or PC games to real-world games, you have even more options open to you. If you’re looking to play for free, there are countless sites out there that either carries perfect ports of classic games like Pac-Man or Street Fighter 2 or, failing that, some pretty accurate clones of many of your old favorites.

If you’re willing to spend some money – and it’s usually not a whole lot of money – both the options and the overall quality of those old games go up. Whether through an online store like Steam, various rental platforms or by connecting your Nintendo Wii U to the internet, it’s just as easy to find perennial favorites as it is to find the latest releases. And they’re generally much cheaper to  boot.

We’re currently living in a gaming Golden Age and, for all that means that the ubiquity of gaming culture has never been this huge or this mainstream; that the tech on which we play our games has never been more impressive and that the games themselves are often startlingly immersive, there’s something to be said for the sheer choice that puts this era of digital gaming in a class of its own. Whether it’s playing free games online, playing retro games in any number of forms or, of course, playing the newest releases on the newest tech, we’ve never been more spoiled for choice.


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