Zero: The Top Free Games

Zero: The Top Free Games

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Gaming can be an expensive hobby. You need to keep up with all the latest consoles and own all of them in order to play all the releases you are looking forward to. Between full priced games that have just launched to classics that you have been meaning to get around to, not to mention all the DLC and extras you can pay for, the prices can really add up. You don’t need to crash your bank account just to play quality games games though as there are plenty out there that can keep your entertained for hours without you ever needing to pay a penny.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has quickly become one of the most popular online games ever. The card game based on the Warcraft franchise has attracted thousands of players who’ve played for countless hours. You can give it a go with the free app and play to your heart’s content. You can compete against real people, the computer, do a quest and more. You can win cards and turn unwanted ones into gold that can spend on packs, and while there is the option to use real money for new cards, you never have to spend anything to unlock any card. With updates and new cards being added all the time and a thriving online scene, this could keep you more busy than any full priced game.

The thrill of the casino doesn’t require a trip to Las Vegas to enjoy. In fact, you don’t even need to go to any local arcade to play the best casino games thanks to RedFlush Casino. Play in browser or with the app and you can see your free time fade away with a large variety of casino games. You can play free slot machines without making a real money deposit, so you never have to pay anything to try out and enjoy the games in full. You can have a go at slots, cards, roulette and more, each with different varieties, themes, rules, etc. Play against real people or the AI and never pay a thing. You can of course place bets with real money to try and win actual cash prizes.

League of Legends is a huge game with fans and players all over the world. The multiplayer online battle arena sees the player in control of a wide cast of characters as they battle against opponents in order to take over their area. The game is all about strategy and can be played with or against friends, strangers or the computer. While one of the most successful game franchises in the world, to is free to play. You can sign up and get into a game without ever putting money down. You can earn in-game currency (Influence Points) that allows you to purchase anything other than character skins. You will be limited to what characters are playable at any given time but you can unlock any specific characters permanently using acquired IP.

Having no money doesn’t mean you can’t play some top games, so log on and see how much fun you can have without ever spending a penny.