Various Apps related to Cannabis

The legal cannabis industry is flourishing much faster than weed. Among other developments, technology offers innovated solutions. One of them is the new Cannabis related apps for android or Ios , that help people find customize the information in a fast and reliable way. Here is a short list of some of the most interesting ones.

My Canary

As the market is growing and lots of products come to the light there is a need for accurate and scientific information concerning Cannabis. My Canary is an app that to provides to all people interested in more detailed specifications the scientific information they need for a safe and responsible cannabis consumption.

My Canary is a very clever helpful and gives accurate information. It costs $4.99 and a part of this money goes to NORML

Smoker’s Handbook Lite

The Smoker’s Handbook is a strain guide. With so many different kinds of Cannabis strains, it is often very difficult to choose. This App provides a lot more than pictures and small descriptions. You can find lots of details for example for strains like a white widow . There is also a Cannabis cooking.

Weed Cookbook

Speaking of cooking brings us to another good idea for those who feel creative and high at the same time. Cannabis edibles is a growing niche and more people enjoy these edible marijuana recipes. The munchies will not go away of course with these recipes, it will become worse. Weed Cookbook will be your resource for cooking with cannabis, whether it is sweets like cannabis cookies or more complicated recipes. They have also funny names like. and Cannabis Seafood Pasta and Stuffed Pepper Supreme or Green Eggs. This app gets periodically updated with new recipes.


This is not just another App that helps Growers with Growing-but this one is much more advanced. The Growbuddy collects Data that will be useful to have a constant control of the whole procedure for growing plants. You do not have to be close to your plants.  From your garden or around the world, you can easily manage or check the status of your grow.  The app is synced in a secure way with your devices (phones, tablets, and desktops) so you can keep yourself updated whenever you like.


We could describe this app as a cannabis matching dating app. HighThere! enables you to search and make new friends in your area to meet and maybe smoke with. Who knows maybe your love for cannabis can make you find also real love. Finding people with a common interest could mean that the possibilities are bigger to spend some time with each other and you never know what will happen.


PotBot is a medical marijuana App. Provides recommendations and gives advice to confused patients on what strain they should choose , It is also informing them about the appropriate cannabinoid levels, new medical cannabis strains in the market, and consumption methods for their specific ailment.  PotBot helps patients find their specific cannabis medicine at the closest dispensary.

Highdroid Lite

This App offers the exchange of experience, ideas and stories posted by cannabis fans all over the world, while high. This kind of crazy ideas can be a lot of fun to read , and you can find a lot of nice ideas also among them actually, as sometimes being under the influence of cannabis can make you think very creatively.

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