The Rise of Social Gaming

social gaming

The way we connect to the Internet, and the quality of those connections are evolving daily. Moving ever faster, the amount of information we are sharing with each other, and the gaming we are doing is astounding at times. This is why It comes as no surprise that the Internet is changing the face of social gaming as we know it.

Social gaming has been growing ever since games became more multiplayer. Even sat on a couch with our friends is a version of social gaming, and a successful one. Now though we can play with people from all over the world, and communicate with them in many ways. Facebook has allowed us to even connect in casual games and pushed the rise of mobile gaming which is seeing astounding popularity.

Mobile gaming is one of the parts of the gaming world that is seeing the biggest growth. Casual games are easy to load onto our devices, and in no time we are connecting up with our friends to play the latest games that are “free-to-play”, though have a few hidden charges for those willing to pay them. This freemium model though is pushing social gaming to new heights of popularity.

With the increased speeds of the Internet though, a new trend is to share our gaming endeavours. Whether this is through YouTube of a service like Twitch, we broadcast our gaming skill for all to see. The fact that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 make it even easier to broadcast in this way has led to an explosion of gameplay sharing.

Another aspect of this game sharing and broadcasting of skilful play is the rise of eSports. This is where players have turned professional and are making the big bucks from play. eSports is showing real growth, and the success is sending social gaming to new heights, making the future of the industry an exciting place.

Whether you’re a casual gamer, somebody who likes pushing on with bingo game, or a person with their eyes on reaching the top of the eSports ladder, you are fuelling the rise in social gaming. With no end in sight to its success, we live in a very exciting time for gamers of all tastes.

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