Many people in one way or another are “fearless filibuster”, furrowing the expanses of the World Wide Web in search of cracked software and games , download music albums from file sharing and film news from multiple torrent trackers. Occupation is not commendable, and i do not advocate such behaviour. However, it may be that soon we’ll find ourselves witnessing the sunset of software piracy as a phenomenon.

The fight against torrent trackers and sites that distribute pirated content, it is unlikely save holders against financial losses. Here, as in the fairy tale about Snake Gorynycha: one cuts off his head, but instead grow two more. Not for nothing on the web is walking anecdote: “rutrekere life was blocked on the territory of Russia. Russian users are actively discussing the news on the forum rutrekere “. In addition to the legal methods, there is another way to deal with the pirates – content protection on the software or hardware level. One such protective systems is called Denuvo, and that it made even terrified seasoned Chinese hackers.

We will not go into the technical details, as Denuvo far from perfect and, according to experts, it carries a lot of software bugs and flaws. In essence Denuvo is repainted VMProtect protection system, and that, in turn, was inspired by the Solid Shield technology companies. At first, the hackers of the largest hacker teams were quite puzzled by the new system. Fans play waiting game news free, “cracks”, but it was not. With the release of each new version of the game to break Denuvo was getting harder and harder. While one of the most famous in the world of hacking teams decided not to wash their hands.

In December last year the Chinese group 3DM hackers, which owns the lion’s share of cracks of modern video games, acknowledged that the protection of the game Just Cause 3 they fail to crack, but because of the emergence of systems such as Denuvo software piracy could come to an end in the next couple of years. A month later they publish at least a loud statement, according to which 3DM experts now will not crack the single-player game. This decision was taken during a meeting chaired by the band on the eve of Chinese New Year. However, this solution can be changed after one year, as hackers clarify: “We will see how to change the sale of video games for years, and there and see what happens.”

We remind you that the protection Denuvo today use games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, Star Wars Battlefront, Just Cause 3, Mad Max, Far Cry Primal (due out is about to) and many others. In some cases, hackers managed to circumvent the protection due to accident or bug detected in the game, but certain games and remain unbroken to this day. If we are such a famous team like 3DM, he washes his hands, what will happen to the world of software piracy?


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