How to Automate Your House with Your Iphone

Home automation brings great control over electric devices in your home. From moving electric TV Stands up and down their cabinets to controlling video surveillance of the house. The iPhone has an ability to connect to wireless systems via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This opens up a range of devices that can be controlled using an iPhone. The functionality is not only limited to your stereo or television, but a couple of other electronic devices found in your home.

Several iPhone apps have been developed to help you automate your home. However, most of these apps require
an extra piece of hardware for them to function. Some require specific home automation systems while other just need a device that creates for wall sockets an IP address, hence allowing you control to whatever is plugged in. Again, most of these apps target users already familiar with home automation. A user thus needs to understand all this before they can purchase these apps.

1. The Homework Light Control app is a free app that has been developed to control the Lutron Homeworks System
through Wi-Fi or cellular networks via an iPod or iPhone. It gets configured automatically using settings on the
Homeworks System. House Control is an app that controls electric devices through radio networks via Wi-Fi. Using your iPod or iPhone, you can steer through your electronic devices, for example, coffee makers, electric heaters, bulbs, table lamps, floor lamps, computers and accessories among others. It goes for $0.99 and only requires power plugs and a wireless radio module.

2. HW Remote gives your iPhone power to control your Lutron Homeworks Installation. It has a flexible user
interface that allows users to arrange controls as they see fit, all this for $37.99. Some technicality is required in the hardware part. You need a Lutron Home installation with a P5 processor. The home installation should be on the same network as your iPhone. The technical bit is that you need to have access to the processor as adding a user account for the app is required.

3. E-Home Controls enables users to communicate and control their property using the internet, an
iPhone or iPod or even voice commands. Services offered by the app includes surveillance, lighting, internet services, entertainment and conditioning. The app for $16.99. This app claims to integrate with a range of automatic services,products and third party applications.

4. Control4 My House gives you control of the whole house through your iPhone and iPod
touch. This app that is free works with the Control4 home automation system that has a Director version 1.7 or

5. Home Control Pro is designed to control your Vantage Infusion System with you iPhone or iPod touch. This app
works over Wi-Fi and 3G networks and goes for $189.99. The only piece of hardware required is the Vantage Infusion home automation system.

6. [email protected] 2.0 gives you control over your Lumina or HAI Omni home automation system from your iPod or iPhone
touch. It goes for $39.99 but has a free version [email protected] 2.0 Lite. It only requires the HAI Omni or Lumina home
automation systems.

7. CasaRemote supports a range of third party hardware to function. It provides control over IP enabled devices either in the office or at work. Its price is $24.99.

8. iDoControl is an app that gives you control for your iDo Automation System. An iDo Automation System is a
system based on Apple Mac for integrated controls for security, video surveillance, access control among others. It
goes for $11.99.

9. CozyHome allows you to monitor and control your home automation system. The only required hardware is a
pre-programmed automation controller from AMX. Audio and video can be controlled, lighting system, security
among others. This app costs $99.99.

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