The GV08S smartwatch phone – For Calling, Texting, Selfies and Entertainment


Now a days, big companies like Motorola, Samsung, LG and Apple mostly try to introduce as many features as possible into their new smart watches, without compromising design or performance. It seems like many are afraid to take an example from Chinese smart watch makers, because too many features might not be compatible or useful with the OS that they use, namely Android Wear, TouchWiz or Watch OS. But Chinese smart watch makers are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone, and the GV08S is yet another great example of a feature-filled smart watch.

The GV08S Smart Watch Phone design is the blend of a digital and an analog timepiece look. The watch features a painted zinc alloy housing attached to a black TPU plastic wristband. The face of the watch is a rectangular display that houses a white hour and minute set of hands set against a black background.

Features and functions:-

  1. The Bluetooth feature of the GV08S allows you to make or receive calls through your phone over the watch’s connectivity with the aid of a Bluetooth earpiece.
  2. The Bluetooth service also allows you to control the camera of your smart phone in order to remotely take pictures with the phone’s camera. This remote control feature allows you to get those hard-to-frame “selfies.”
  3. The smart watch enables you to send or receive text messages directly through its own display at your wrist.
  4. The GV08S also allows you to synchronize data such as contact information, messages, music and even call logs with your cell phone at any time.
  5. The GV08S Smart Watch Phone comes with an expandable memory and a music player that allows you to listen to music through a pair of Bluetooth headphones.
  6. The smart watch has an inbuilt 0.3M pixel camera that allows you to take and store photos locally.
  7. The watch comes with a 1.5 inch, 240 x 240 pixels HD IPS OGS LCD touch screen that gives you a rather high definition and good picture quality.
  8. The watch has been designed with an inbuilt pedometer. This feature helps you to count and keep track of your footsteps for health and fitness purposes.
  9. The GV08S Smart Watch also comes with another inbuilt fitness feature; a sedentary reminder. The sedentary reminder sends intermittent notifications to you, the wearer, when you have been inactive for too long. This watch simply reminds you to pay attention to your health.
  10. One of the best features of the GV08S Smart Watch is probably its anti-theft feature. The watch uses its Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly tether your phone to itself and vice versa. When the gap between the two gadgets gets unrealistically wide, the watch sends out an alert to you.
  11. The GV08S Smart Watch phone also comes with features that are present in other smart watches, such as a voice or sound recorder, a calculator, a calendar and a clock alarm.

Despite the GV08S’s rather plain look, it is undeniable that it has been built with many useful features that are currently not present in most smart watch brands. When all is said and done, the GV08S Smart Watch Phone by all standards has definitely earned itself a position of envy among its competition.

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