Aiwatch GT08+ Smartwatch – Fully Featured watch in just $37 !

The Aiwatch GT08+ is new exciting Smart watch which is compatible with both the Android and iOS platform. The Aiwatch GT08+ has a built in SIM card slot and can act as standalone phone enabling you to make and receive phone calls and send or receive text messages.

The watch has a built in SD card slots which supports extended memory up to 32GB. The watch can also be used to access the internet. The Aiwatch GT08+ also has a high volume powerful 381 mAh lithium battery. It has 180 of standby time and 4-6 hours of phone calls.

The Aiwatch GT08+ has built in QQ apps which enables the user to send and receive text messages voice messages text and pictures. It has also built in web chats Apps which also enable the user to send and receive text messages voice messages text and pictures.

Aiwatch GT08+
Aiwatch GT08+

The Aiwatch GT08+ can also be connected with your phone, this connectivity will ensure that you never lose your phone as the watch has an alarm which will alert you once your phone is more than 10 meters away from you. this function also enables your smartphone and smart watch find each other.

The Aiwatch GT08+ is a high quality voice recorder enable the user to make High quality WAV voice recordings, it is also a high quality remote voice recorder. The Aiwatch GT08+ plays audio files in HiFi quality sound enabling you to listen to music stored in the SD card.

The Aiwatch GT08+ hs a built in 2.0 mega camera to take videos and photos. the videos and pictures can be transferred to your phone.

The Aiwatch GT08+ also ensures that you have a high quality of life. It has a built in sleep monitor to ensure that you have quality sleep. it also has the built in Honey sedentary clock which can be programmed to remind you to make stand and move especially when you are at work.

Aiwatch GT08+
Aiwatch GT08+ Details


The Aiwatch GT08+ has the Pedometer app which enables you to manage and monitor your exercise targets.The Aiwatch GT08+ has a 2.5D curved screen, a titanium alloy case., a USB charging port a unique steel buckle, food class silicon straps a curved touch panel providing the perfect experience.

It comes in four configurations, they are Silver case with a white strap, Golden case with a white strap, Silver case with a black strap, Golden case with a black strap. The Aiwatch GT08+ is an innovation in smart watch a step above the other smart watches in the market.

You can buy this featured smartwatch in just $37.49 from

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