Mesmerizing Wi-Fi sprinkler can save water

In summertime, millions of Americans are currently embroiled in a battle with the summer sun to keep their lawns green and healthy.

Chris Klein, the CEO of Rachio, first started thinking about the idea of a smart sprinkler when he was walking his dog in the fall of 2012 and saw the wasteful behavior of many of the automated sprinkler systems in his neighborhood.

“We figured there had to be a better way,” said Klein


Rachio, a Denver-based start-up, has been selling a “smart sprinkler” for the last year. This device is used with most underground sprinkler systems and enables to control the watering of lawn with a smartphone. Wireless sprinkler controllers to manage the watering of your yard remotely using smart devices, we will see what all the benefits we get from this.


  • Integrate real-time weather forecast data (If it’s going to rain or has rained recently)
  • Automatically adjusts the watering times for each season
  • It waters intermittentlyto allow for maximum absorption
  • Control your system from anywhere in the world using home Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection
  • Sync with moisture sensors installed in your yard
  • Reduce your monthly bills while helping to conserve limited water resources

Sprinkler Device:

sprinkler controller

The device looks like a router, and Klein said most people can install it in 20 minute if not a gardener or electrician can install it in a better way.

It’s compatible with Nest and other smart home systems, and many areas experiencing drought — including Los Angeles, Fresno and the Santa Clara Valley — subsidize the $250 retail price, said Klein.

Rachio isn’t the only company looking to create smart sprinkler controllers. Companies like RainMachine, Blossom and Skydrop have been shipping WI-Fi connected irrigation controller since last year.

We all hope that all the drought-stricken states home-owners with a new way to lower their water bills.

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