Chop- E- The Coolest Electric Bike Ever Built

On the off chance that you are searching for another electric bike to journey the boulevards on, the Chop-E bicycle may be justified even despite more investigation, and can travel 329 miles for a single dollar, sparing you cash all the while. The Technicians invent an Electric bicycle which is named as Chop-E. It can travel 329 miles for a $1 only.

Chop-E is an amazing electric bike with a novel configuration and the coolest steadily feeling from riding it. It is a fine mix of custom parts and outlines joined with off-the-shelf products. You will actually be riding very nearly free of charge with our extravagant electricity evaluating Chop-E can ride 625km for the expense of €1and that is almost FREE ) on the off chance that we do the US estimation, Chop-E gets 329miles for 1$. Chop-E is a genuine item, not a cheap rip-off, made of ugly plastic that you ought to feel terrified to sit on it is assembled with excellent and exactness it feels and looks like top of the line item – on the grounds that it is one.


  • Charger: All delivered Chop-E’s will have a charger supplied, your power setup will be asked when the undertaking gets financed.
  • Guidelines: A manual is provided, yet the best arrangement will be a video that will be accessible every minute of every day on the web.

Details about its main Components:

Engine: Magicpie 3.2 on models, creation models will accompany 4th Generation Engines that are quieter and more effective. Engines are Golgen Motors products. The Power of engine is 1Kw and is programmable to meet your local necessities of speed.

Battery: The Capacity is 20Ah and each battery pack has BMS (Battery Management System) in it. As of now technicians fabricate very simple batteries that have key-lock for force cutting.

Rear wheel/tire: Both these segments are general off-the-shelf items. Rim is copy of the VW Scirocco style, it is much lighter than the original one, and less expensive. Regarding tire we picked Pirelli DIABLO which fits splendidly on that Rim.

Seat: A self-designed seat is planned to made, but for now this is not the “Game-charger”.

Technical Information:

  • Engine: 1Kw
  • Battery: 20Ah, 16x LiFePo4 elements, 48volts
  • Front wheel/tire: 20″ diameter and 3″ wide tire
  • Rear wheel/tire: 18″ alloy rim with 240/40/18 motorcycle tire
  • Max speed: 20mph/35km/h (adjustable)
  • Range: 35+ miles / 55+ kilometers
  • Weight: ca 140 lbs / 65kg
  • Length: 6.6 ft / 2 meters

Chop-E is a wonderful electric bike with an extraordinary configuration and the coolest steadily feeling from riding it. It is a fine mix of custom parts and outlines joined with off-the-shelf items. Presently, to start, we propose that you look at the video, on the grounds that it will provide for you a slight clue of the feelings you get while riding Chop-E.

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