New App ‘Xavion’ can help you land an airplane

Now a days, Smartphone apps are very popular because these apps can make our work easier. You can do any major work with the help of apps. for example: i can manage my bank account , i can post to my website, chat with friends worldwide etc. . We love to use smartphone apps because we can use them anytime , anywhere.

But , what if an app can help you to land an airplane ? This may sound interesting and yes , it’s true .

The new iPad app named Xavion would help you land your plane in case the aircraft engine fails. It will connects with a small plane’s autopilot via wi-fi that would guide you to the nearest airport or safe landing area.

The Xavion App extracts data from the autopilot to provide additional aid to the pilot.

According to the verge:

The app has long been a useful tool for pilots, tracking flight-path information and weather warnings but this autopilot update takes Xavion into unprecedented territory,

The app is created by Austin Meyer . He believes that pilots will use this app to guide them down to just before the threshold of the runway. At that point, any pilot can take over and land the airplane.

Meyer tested Xavion on the popular flight simulator ‘X-Plane‘ which is also made by him.

“Our tests took us practically all the way down to touchdown. If the pilot didn’t take over, he would have just had a hard landing, broken the landing gear, and everyone would have walked away,”

Austin Meyer told popular science .

This Xavion app can also provide weight and balance checks, and also estimate fuel burn and time to your destination at various altitudes.  A new update will let App take control of the autopilot making any human intervention unnecessary.
The app is available now on the Apple App store. Priced at $199.

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