Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones unleashes your inner feline

From time to time, a purchaser gadgets thought descends the pike in which inventive configuration and high-fueled equipment is bested by the force of sheer cuteness. Have you ever needed to resemble a feline while listening to your most loved tunes? No? All things considered, obviously a large number of individuals do. Their fantasies might simply work out as expected now that there’s Axent Wear, earphones that makes a combination of all your cat fanciers, your individual and social sound needs, and splendid LED lights around your head. That is, obviously, in case you’re ready to take the danger of putting your cash in a swarm financing fight to emerge from the jam in an in vogue, or ludicrous relying upon your individual twisted, way. Axent Wear was begun by two UC Berkeley graduated class with a thought.


A thought for some truly extraordinary, special earphones that had never been spearheaded previously.  Music and engineering aficionados Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu have made conceivably the cutest earphones ever. Their feline ear-like outline will transform you into a feline! Despite the fact that these blazing earphones are just a model, they’re simply a step far from being mass delivered. Axent Wear the designers of the colossally prevalent Cat Ear Headphones that propelled over on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site not long ago, have recently passed $1.5 million in financing with still 10 days staying on the crusade. Axent Wear have effectively raised more than $300k on Indiegogo, surpassing their starting objective of $250k.


The creative anime-propelled earphones will accompany completely practical outer feline ear speakers, LED lights, separable line, agreeable over-the-ears padding and rechargeable batteries. Alternately in any event, not like this. Showing Axent Wear, shining, ridiculous badass earphones that let you impact your music and express your style. Help us make these into a reality by giving to our crusade. Not long ago when the Cat Ear Headphones initially dispatched over on the Indiegogo site, inside the initial couple of days the earphone outline had discharged over $700,000 and has since gone from quality to quality. These Axent Wear earphones are in fact simply that, earphones with a ton of style. They don’t even promote any leap forward regarding sound innovation or any enormous name in the sound business behind the speakers. With respect to those speakers, they are outfitted with 40 mm drivers and convey a scope of 20 Hz to 20 KHz in recurrence reaction.

That is pretty much it with regards to the listening background, or at any rate what the creators are imparting on their page. In the most recent redesign the designers of the new Cat Ear Headphones have uncovered a portion of the determinations that are penciled in for consideration into the new earphones when they make the bounce to fabricate. At the ebb and flow time details incorporate a 20hz – 20khz Frequency reaction, 40 mm driver, 32 ohm Impedance, 6 hour battery life, 6.6ft separable link, Over-ear-padding and in addition inherent volume control in addition to forward and retrograde catches. Your one of a kind set of 6 trendy Axent Wear wallpapers in high definition. Pimp out your desktop with unique Axent Wear craftsmanship and photography!

Get every one of the four shades in one simple preorder and recovery $25! Continuously have quite recently the right colors to intensify your day with Blue, Purple, Green, and Red Axent Wear earphones! Get the whole set as blessings for your companions and relatives or remain quiet about all of the earphones for yourself.

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