A bathtub Bluetooth speaker named Sound Wave

Sound wave

The company Kaldewei ,known for many unique inventions has developed Sound Wave, A bathtub in which you can listen to music and can feel the vibrations while taking a shower or brushing your teeth etc, It may just be the most Tech-Friendly tub which has been ever made.

This distinctive inventions turns bathtub into a giant speaker.This tub has been built by steel instead of common acrylic and has six panels, a Bluetooth receiver and two transducers.

Arndt Papenfuss, marketing head of Kaldewei has described this product.

        ” You have a plastic or paper membrane to make the sound in a speaker.  But for this Bathtub it itself vibrates so you can hear and feel the sound. The wrinkles can also be seen if you play the music very loud”.

The Sound Wave is a viewpoint to deliver music Ardnt Papenfuss quoted.
To use or pair this Bathtub with any of your gadgets you just need to go near the tub and open your device`s Bluetooth menu and search Sound wave in list of available devices and connect. From that moment, whenever you are near the Tub, they`ll pair automatically so you don`t have to do the process which is mentioned above again and again. The Sound Wave can connect upto 8 devices simultaneously so, this device is perfect for large houses.
The advantage of this Tub is that its just not limited to your music library. You can stream anything which include Netflix to pod-casts ,  to radios and to even your phone which you will be able to transfer over Bluetooth.
Sound Wave can give perfect sound with or without water in the tub. The Sound wave is available in £600, with addition of the cost of tub. Papenfuss said that the tech is on its way to the US and probably will be available at same price when it reaches the US.

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